Installation of new windows

The installation of PVC windows is carried out by experienced installers under the “Window, Door and Construction Rules 2491109.01.2008 ST” developed by the Association of Window and Door Manufacturers.

Window properties depend on assembly, installation, sealing, and material quality. Much of the quality of the final product depends on proper installation, which directly affects heat and sound insulation, ease of use and durability. Most complaints about new windows are due to improper installation of windows. Therefore, this process is very important, and less expensive installers and less qualified installers should be avoided. Our experienced installers will properly install the windows, horizontally and vertically optimizing the position of the window in the wall to achieve optimal thermal insulation. Window insulation provides important and effective protection against any subsequent damage to the building’s infrastructure. Windows must be insulated according to modern building regulations and regulations. The three-stage insulation system protects homeowners from major problems: energy loss and water penetration. Proper window installation will reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew occurrence.

In the installation process we use water vapor pressure resistant materials. The internal insulation separates the room from the external environment, so it must be resistant to steam. For this purpose, a vapor-resistant tape (Henkel WINTeQ Interior foil or Soudal Folienband Inside) is used.

The central barrier between the frame and the wall must be completely filled with thermal insulation material. We use PENOSIL Goldgun 65 for one-component PU foam.

External insulation acts as a sealant, so it must be impermeable to rainwater and vapor transmission. Exterior sealing is done using moisture-resistant, non-hermetic (so that the moisture inside the seam can evaporate), sunscreen and rain-effect materials: sealants, special expanding and diffuse (Henkel WINTeQ Exterior foil or Soudal Folienband) bands.

Windows can be mounted with special screws (ø 7.5 x 72-212 mm) or special mounting plates. We provide a 5 year warranty for installation work.