Horizontal blinds

The main advantage of blinds is effective adjustment of the light flow (possible even in the dark room), reduction of external noise, free space and comfort. Blinds protect not only from the sun’s rays, but also from the curious eyes of strangers. Blinds are the optimal solution for price and quality.

Horizontal blinds are the most practical and popular interior design element. They are easy to use and maintain. Various color blinds create a unique room atmosphere. Distinctive feature of horizontal blinds – when the window is opened for ventilation, the blinds remain nicely close to the glass, as the guide strings are stretched on the sides. It’s a great choice for the kitchen and bathroom. The inclination angle of the guide ropes can be adjusted, the blinds can be raised and lowered and locked at the desired height.

Technical data

IngredientsHorizontally arranged ribbons, reinforced with cords and ladders. These strips are attached to the cornice, which is equipped with control mechanisms of varying complexity.
Management mechanismsCord + handle.
Control principleCan adjust the tilt angle of the blinds, the blinds can be raised / lowered and locked at the desired height.
Fastening methodsBlinds can be mounted on a window or door frame.
Band width16, 25 m