Insect screens

Insect screens The main goal is to protect windows, doors, balconies and terraces from insects, various fluff in summer and fall foliage in the fall. Frames (fixed), roller (pulled) and door (open) insect screens are made of extremely strong and durable materials: aluminum profile, plastic connecting corners and a range of weatherproof screen. Their installation does not take much time and is very simple. Frames and door grids are fixed with metal plates or special magnets, so they can be easily removed and re-installed if necessary. Roller nets act as rollers and are rolled horizontally, vertically or sideways. The bottom and side profiles of the mesh have a brush that covers the cracks. Insect nets can be white or brown, but can be stained with the desired shades selected from the catalog upon customer request.

Frameworks and door grid specifications

SIngredientsAluminum profiles, plastic connecting corners and sieve.
Fastening methodsMounted on the outside of windows or doors, on frames or walls. Fixed with metal plates or special magnets.
Working Principle Raises the entire plane, unfolds outwards or pushes under the roof.
Min. width and height  500 x 100 mm
Max. width and height  2000 x 2000 mm


Rolling Grids: Technical Data

Ingredients Aluminum profiles, spring, braking mechanism and grid.
Verification Methods Mounted on the outside of windows or doors, on frames or walls.
Working Principle Works as roller blinds.
Min. width and height 350 x 200 mm
Max. width and height 2450 x 2600 mm