Interior window sills

Domestic Window Sills provides stylish elegance for your home and a pleasant mood for your living space. Durability, easy maintenance (easy to clean with a damp cloth), scratch resistance, heat, humidity, fine contours and color diversity are the main features of internal windowsills. Therefore, the choice of interior windowsills is becoming an important decision. Our PVC windows can be supplied with internal windowsills of PVC or laminated chipboard. In order to choose the proper width of the window sills, special attention should be paid to whether flowers or plants are often stored on windowsills. In this case, you should choose a wider window sill. Both PVC PVC and laminated chipboard windows are available from 150 to 500 mm wide. Both types of window sills are covered with plastic tips and can also be laminated. The main advantage of PVC Inside Windows is their complete resistance to moisture. Thanks to two internal constructions, the product is maximally strong, durable, heat-resistant, friction-resistant and durable with good thermal insulation properties. Inner PVC windowsills are recommended for humidity storage rooms, bathrooms and laundries.

Laminated chipboard (LMDP) inner window sills are made of moisture resistant E1 chipboard. The upper part of the window sill is covered with 0.5 mm laminate, which is resistant to scratches, wear and mechanical and chemical effects. The thickness of the inner window sill of the laminated chipboard is 18 mm, the thickness of the spout is 38 mm. LMDP inner window sills can be white, beech, oak, golden oak and alder.