Roller blinds

Our roller blinds are perfect for our PVC windows and doors. Roller blinds not only regulate the amount of natural light in the room, but also effectively protect the premises from sunlight and unwanted glances. When the window is open, the roller blinds remain close to the glass because of the special guide strips. The material rolls into a roller on a tube covered with a special aluminum profile controlled chain. Only high-quality and durable materials are used to produce roller blinds. Customer can choose from more than 200 color fabrics.
Technical data


Aluminum tube, aluminum overlay cartridge, eco-plastic side covers, fabric, bottom profile, aluminum side rail and control mechanism
Fastening methods
The cartridge is screwed on top of the window and the guides are glued to the window glass strips
Pipe thickness
19 and 25 mm
Controlled by chain. By pulling the chain, the roller material can be lifted, lowered or stopped at any height
Max width and height
2,25 x 2,95 m


Most popular fabrics for roller blinds: