1. Cookies Statement

1.1. About cookies

Websites use smart and useful methods to increase their convenience and make them more interesting to every visitor. One of the best-known methods involves cookies. Website owners or third parties, such as advertisers who display advertising on a website you visit, use cookies. Cookies are small text files that websites store on users’ computers. The information contained in cookies may also be used to track your browsing on different websites that use the same cookie. Cookies are categorized according to the duration and what sets them. We believe it is important for you to be aware of the cookies used by our website and for what purposes. The purpose of the information is threefold – we want to ensure your privacy, convenience and the financing of our website as much as possible. This explanation provides more information about the cookies we use on our website and the purposes for which they are used.

2. Cookies are used by the Reganas Group and / or its affiliates and trademarks

The Reganas group uses cookies to collect statistics for visitors and to record information about your choices when you browse websites. We use cookies to improve your experience of using the website as a visitor.

3. Cookies and their functions

Different types of cookies are used for different purpose.
Below is a list of the most common types of cookies and explains why they are used.

3.1 Season cookies

The session cookie is temporarily stored in your computer’s memory until you browse the website, for example, to keep track of the language you have chosen. Session cookies are not stored in your computer’s memory for a long time, and they always disappear when you turn off your web browser.

3.2. Long-term or tracking cookies

A long-term cookie saves the file on your computer for a long time; this type of cookie has an expiration date. Long-term cookies help websites remember your information and preferences for future visits. This leads to faster and more convenient access, because, for example, you do not need to re-login. After expiration, the cookie is automatically removed when you return to the website that created it.

3.3. Cookies on the site you’re visiting

They are set by the website itself (the same area as the browser address bar) and can only be read by that site. These cookies are usually used to store information such as your choices, so you can use it when you visit the site again.

3.4. Alien cookies

They are defined by areas that are different from the one displayed in the address bar of the browser, i.e. non-web site owners. These cookies, for example, are used to collect information for advertising and user content. Alien cookies may also be used to collect website statistics. Because alien cookies allow you to analyze users’ browsing habits in more detail, they are considered more sensitive to inviolability, so most web browsers allow you to change settings and not accept alien cookies.

4. List of “Cookies” set cookies

Site cookies

NameSecure InformationPurposeValid for
PHPSESSIDChoiceKeeps a cookie validation optionSession
SESS#Saves user session status in page queriesSession

5. Cookie management

5.1. How to view cookies

Because cookies are simple text files, they can be viewed with many text editors or writers. You can click the cookie and open it. Below is a list of links to view cookies in different browsers. If you are using a different browser, check the browser cookie information. If you are using a mobile phone, see your phone’s manual for details.
Internet Explorer 8-11

5.2. Disable / enable or disable cookies

You can restrict or block cookies from your browser settings. If you want websites to be completely unaffected by cookies on your computer, you can change your browser settings so that you are notified before any cookie is placed. You can also customize your settings so that your browser rejects all cookies or only foreign cookies. Similarly, you can remove your cookies that have already been placed on your computer. Please note that you will need to customize the settings for each browser and computer you are using. Please be advised that if you do not want cookies, we will not be able to ensure that our website is functioning properly. Some features of the site may be lost and some websites may not be visible anymore. Also, you won’t necessarily see any ads when you reject cookies. This means that ads will no longer be tailored to your interests and will be repeated more often. Each browser has a different approach to adjusting settings. If necessary, use the help function of your browser to select the appropriate settings. More information about cookies can be found online at http://www.aboutcookies.org/

6. Other / Unforeseen Cookies

We do not always know about cookies placed by third parties through our website, depending on how the Internet and web sites work. This is especially true in cases where our website contains so-called embedded elements: texts, documents, images, or short video clips that are stored on the site of another party but appear on our website or on our website.
Therefore, if you encounter such cookies on our website, which we did not mention earlier, please let us know. Or contact the third party directly and ask what cookies they have placed, why they do, the duration of the cookie usage and how they ensure your privacy.

7. Contact us

From time to time, we may adapt these statements to changes to our website or cookie rules. We can always change the content of the statements and the listed cookies without prior notice. The latest version is available on this website. If you have any questions and / or comments, please contact us by clicking here.